How To Make Aquafaba

how to make aquafaba

What is Aquafaba?

Put simply, Aquafaba is an egg white substitute that is often used in cocktails and cooking, made from chickpea brine its the best alternative to using egg whites when required in any recipe. The name actually comes from the Latin for ‘water bean’. Why is Aquafaba such a good vegan alternative? Essentially it acts as an emulsifier as well as a foaming agent which helps produce an egg-white style foam and silky feel, while not changing the taste of whatever you’re cooking/making.

How to make aquafaba for cocktails

So you’re looking to make some cocktails, but realised that you need to make Aquafaba, well look no further as we give you the simple recipe below.

There are two options, either make it from the liquid that you find in tins of chickpeas or produce this from dry chickpeas (this takes longer, but can be a better way to do it).

The Quick Way

The easiest and fastest way is to simply use the drained liquid from a tin of chickpeas, this means you’ve instantly got the Aquafaba ready to use in your cocktails! The only downside of this is that it can sometimes have a metallic taste to it from the tin.

Use 3 x Tablespoons of Aquafaba for each egg/egg white that a recipe has.

The Longer Way


  • 200g of dried chickpeas
  • 700ml of water


1. To a pan, add the water and the dried chickpeas
2. Cover and bring to a simmer
3. Simmer for around two hours or until the chickpeas are soft (add more water if needed)
4. Once cooked, turn off the heat and let it cool down in the pan
5. Strain the liquid into a jug or bottle, this is the Aquafaba. This can be kept in a fridge (for several weeks)
6. Don’t forget to use the chickpeas!
Use 3 x Tablespoons of Aquafaba for each egg/egg white that a recipe has.
  • If you want to speed things up, soak the chickpeas overnight, this will mean cooking is a lot faster
  • If the liquid is too thin, you can simmer it for longer to reduce it

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