Browse all of the companies who sell vegan sweets with which you can use your VeganCard membership to enjoy exclusive discounts.

Joob Joobs

Sweet Shop with Vegan options


Delicious vegan truffles and chocolate from an independent business.


THE Vegan Chocolate Brand

Definite Chocolate

Vegan bean-to-bar craft chocolate company

Vigorously Sweet

Vegan, GF, Sugar-free and organic online store

Mendip Chocolate Chef

Artisan handcrafted chocolate treats to feed your soul

Sweet Lounge

Award Winning Luxury Chocolates & Other Gourmet Candies.

The Vegan Candy Man

Create your own 100% Vegan pick & mix

Creative Nature

Delicious vegan home baking kits, chocolate coated crunchy snacks (gnawbles) and raw snack bars!


100% Natural Energy bars, shakes and more.

The V Club

Handmade Vegan Brownies & Cookies Delivered


Hand crafted chocolates with colourful twists

Conscious Skincare

Award winning organic skincare range handmade in Wales

The Hemp Pantry

100% Plant-based Food!

Clemies Vegan Cakes

Amazing vegan cake creations!


Vegan brownies and cake boxes

Doisy and Dam

Doisy & Dam. Dark chocolate, but fun.

Sweet Yourself Vegan

Vegan Sweets & Vegan Pick n Mix

Suck Sweets

Large range of vegan options of Pick n Mix

Love Cocoa

Delicious chocolate from a descendant of the Cadbury company

Xocolat Vegan Bakery

Delicious vegan friendly bakery!

Not Just Brownies

A range of Vegan and gluten home bakes

Jungle Fruits

Exotic dried fruit snacks

Innocent Sweets Co

The best Vegan Pick & Mix you'll find, pop along and get ordering!

Bear & Bee

Create your own vegan pick n mix delivered to your door

Simply Vegan Sweets

The pick and mix professionals!

Sugar Noms

Vegan Pick & Mix, Choc & Fudge


We Make Ridiculously Chocolatey Carob Bars

King of Fruits

Vegan confectionery based on dried fruit, nuts and chocolate

Vegan Candy

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Sugar Free Sweets

Grace's Vegan Bakes

Homemade vegan brownies delivered to your door.

TheVeganKind Supermarket

UK's Most Popular Vegan Supermarket


Delicious vegan treats from EllyJoy

Before Chocolate

Indulgent Vegan Chocolate snacks

King Monty

Authentic Belgian Plant based Chocolate

Raw Halo

Delicious vegan chocolate perfect to treat yourself or friends!