Are Quavers Vegan?

Those delicious fluffy, curly and cheesy snacks are often a staple for many people, if you’ve turned vegan recently or a long time ago and have a craving for them the question to ask is are quavers vegan?

Sadly we can’t give you the best news, it turns out that Quavers are not vegan, this is because Walkers use Whey powder (from milk) to make them meaning they are vegetarian but not vegan! Is there an alternative that you can eat to hit your craving? Find out below as we show you vegan quaver alternatives.

Vegan Quaver alternatives

The bad news is that we’re yet to find a spot on alternative, if you’re after that cheesy flavour we suggest heading to the Planet Organic online shop and view their range of crisps here.

They have a wide range of vegan friendly crisps and flavours to choose from so you may find one that hits your craving. We’ll keep this page updated if anything changes but do bear in mind sometimes companies may change recipes and make things vegan and we don’t realise so always check the label before buying or eating.

If you’re still looking for some ideas of what crisps to go for then check out this one about the vegan wotsits vegans can eat so you’ll at least be able to get your wotsit cravings.

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