Are Monster Munch Vegan?

We’ve all grown up with Monster Munch and the various flavours that Walkers have produced over the years, the big question we want to know though is are Monster Munch vegan?

The bad news is that all of the flavours of Monster Munch are not suitable for vegans! Luckily we’ve listed some tasty alternatives below which are vegan friendly. All three flavours of Monster Munch, pickled onion, flamin hot and roast beef are are suitable for Vegetarians but use milk within the flavourings, check out our list of vegan Monster Munch alternatives below.

You may be sad that you can’t open a pack of your favourite Monster Munch if you’re vegan but don’t fear, VeganCard have found that you can get crisps from Tesco which are very similar meaning if you are craving a packet opting for these will help solve those cravings.

Vegan Monster Munch alternatives

Monster Claws from Aldi

Head down to your local Aldi and you’ll be able to get your hands on Snackrite Monster Claws which are vegan and come in three flavours just like Walkers make them, according to Aldi’s website they are vegan (but as always check the packaging). Another option is to head to your nearest Tesco superstore or pop online to and you’ll find you can get yourself a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Claws, yes the name again hints that they are pretty much a copy of the famous Monster Munch, but these are vegan. Meaning all of those on a plant-based diet can enjoy them.

Are Aldi Monster Claws Vegan?

You’re actually quite lucky if you’re a vegan Monster Munch fan as the options are pretty good for you to choose from.

Can Vegans Eat Monster Munch?

Currently, Walkers have made all of the flavours vegetarian but not vegan, so not right now, but above you’ll find a good option if you’re craving something very similar or how about finding out the answer to can vegans eat wotsits.

Note: We aim to keep this page up-to-date but can’t guarantee this, as always when buying food if it doesn’t have the ‘Vegan’ symbol then check the ingredients, sometimes companies will change recipes.

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