Are Hula Hoops Vegan?

We’re big fans of Hula Hoops and for many years have eaten them, pretended they’re a ring, popped them on all our fingers and ate them one by one or put them out as a snack at a party.

If you’re looking to see if Hula Hoops are vegan? Then the answer to this is the original and the salt and vinegar flavours are vegan! Well pretty much, this is because they “May contain traces of milk” this is due to them being made in a factory where milk products are used. Some vegans are happy to eat products such as this while others aren’t, so it’s up to your personal preference. Other flavours are listed below and whether they are vegan or not.

Which flavour of Hula Hoops are vegan?

The original and the salt & vinegar flavours as well as the Spicy Chilli are suitable for vegans and vegetarians but may contain traces of milk due to where they are made, so if you’re a strict vegan you may want to avoid them, but if you eat items which may contain traces then you can go for these flavours.

Other flavours that aren’t suitable for vegans include Beef Hula Hoops, Cheese & Onion Hula Hoops, Tangy Cheese flavour, BBQ Beef, Sweet Chilli and some of the

As always be sure to double-check all ingredients on the products label as companies will change recipes and you may be used to buying them without knowledge of this change. If any part of this page is incorrect please contact us so we can amend.

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