About us

We’re on a mission to help both vegans and those wanting to introduce plant-based living by giving them access to discounts, deals and offers on vegan products and restaurants. Helping not only to discover new brands, but to learn more about the vegan way of life and how it helps the world.

The idea for VeganCard came to us when we realised that there are now thousands of vegan businesses across the UK and millions of vegans. We wanted a way to connect everyone while helping both sides, this is where VeganCard was born.

Helping you to discover

Not only are new brands and small businesses being launched every week but new products by existing brands are also coming to market all the time. VeganCard helps you to know about them and gives you discounts to try them.

Helping you to save

We know that price is always a factor when shopping but at the same time you don't want to compromise on your ethics when buying, that's why we make sure you can buy the best vegan products while saving money.

Competitions and freebies

We run competitions on a weekly and monthly basis, giving all our members a chance to win epic prizes! We also partner with brands to give away free vegan stuff.