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Get 10% off a range of eco-friendly, vegan & zero-waste everyday essentials from dish sponges to self-care products and much more.

Sometimes you have to take a second to look at those everyday items you use and think ‘are these sustainable and vegan-friendly?’. Luckily the company Rowen Stillwater focus just on these kinds of products making a range of vegan, zero waste & sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials.

You’ll find a range of products ranging from vegan cleaning products to self-care, bags for carrying your items to storage and much more.

Everyday Vegan Essentials

Sometimes you can oversee products that you use everyday and not realise how bad they are for the environment. Certain products have got a lot more attention for how eco-friendly or not they are such as toothbrushes and many companies have brought out solutions to this such as bamboo toothbrushes, but there are products that don’t get as much attention.

One such product is the humble sponge that you use for cleaning dishes, these are often not recyclable, nor eco-friendly or sustainable, the people over at Rowen Stillwater have produced a product that the UnSponge and these wonderful products are plastic-free alternatives to the disposable dish sponges you are used to using. They make washing up more eco-friendly and help you waste less. 

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